• The Five Kinds of Offers

    Any gesture (thought, action, communication, movement) is an offer for intimacy, for connection, for relating.


    How much are we aware of the gestures we make towards each other?


    Before we are initiated into adulthood, our behaviors and actions are mostly unconsciously determined by our survival strategy or Box. Before expansion, our Box keeps us in a survival modus, we are in scarcity about money, space, time, etc ... and also and surely we are in scarcity about connectedness and intimacy. There is not enough Love, Intimacy, Connection in the World. There is not enough for me and not enough for everybody.


    Depending on the type of Box you have designed for yourself (there are 18 standard box designs), your offers for intimacy will be mostly be flavored by a child or parent quality.


    It could be that beside living in scarcity of Intimacy, you carry deep fear of Connection itself. Such a deep fear can lead your survival strategy to destroy any possibility, any opportunity, any potential for closeness and relationship. Your offers will be flavored by a Gremlin quality, your underworld gets automatically triggered when an opportunity for closeness comes along.


    Moving along the path of evolution has the consistent consequence of entering the realm of adulthood. In the context of Possibility Management, adulthood is not an automatically gifted when we reach 18 years-old. Adulthood is a continuous journey in consciousness and responsibility that start with the disidentification between you and your Box and you and your body. You can experience the quality of an adult offer for intimacy when your gesture is not determined by your Box scarcity, a gesture for which you take full responsibility for no reason. To make such an offer, you will need to have turned on your inner resources for connection among which are your center, your voice, your bubble, your feelings, your sword, your initiated gremlin, and much more...


    Reading the distinction between a child, parent, gremlin, adult or archetypal offer will give you some clarity ... and ... only your own experience of the sensation and consequence of each offer will imprint the map inside of your energetic body. Only when you would have distinguished experientially in your 5 bodies that you will be in the presence of the distinction. At that point you get a choice. The choice to decide which kind of offers you want to make to create relationship.


    Access to the adult ego state is the doorway to archetypal intimacy and ecstasy. Archetypal offers have a completely different experience that the adult intimacy and ecstasy.











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